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We are excited to announce that the new mini-documentary about Nayo and his fantastic new one-of-a-kind Quena is finally on YouTube! Click here to watch! Currently just the English version is online, the dubbed Spanish version will be available soon!

Nayo's fun new music education program for pre-school age children in Spanish, "Musica Para Chiquitos", is off to an exciting start! Nayo uses Latin American repertoire and rhythms to teach the fundamentals of music education in a dynamic and engaging class especially for young children!

Nayo was honored to create his first film soundtrack this year for the documentary "Mi Chacra". His original Kena compositions help bring to life the story of an indigenous Peruvian family, their struggles and dreams for a better life. The film has been screened at several film festivals in the U.S., South America, and Europe, and a soundtrack album with Nayo's haunting, evocative Kena pieces will be released at the end of 2010.

During summer 2010, Nayo plans to spend a month in Peru recording and promoting the Machu Picchu Concerto for Kena and Orchestra with his mentor, composer Jaime Diaz Orihuela. Plans are underway to presentations with orchestras in Peru and the United States.

Nayo is looking forward to working on several new music projects now that his graduate studies are finished! He will first be creating a series of instructional booklets on how to play the Peruvian flute (kena) and panflute (sikus).

This summer Nayo will collaborate with Latin American children's music specialist Victor Hugo Santos on transcribing and publishing original children's music in Spanish. Later this year, Nayo hopes to record a new solo kena CD exploring the quiet and meditative nature of Andean and European early music.

His long-term projects include the promotion of the Concerto Machu Picchu, the world's only classical concerto for kena by Maestro Jaime Diaz Orihuela, and beginning work on a substantial book about the music of the Andean region. Nayo's book will focus on the renewal of Andean styles that flourished in the 1970's and 80's when musicians took to the streets of the world to share South American music.

Nayo is excited that he will be included as guest artist on the upcoming Salvador Cardenal album "Verde Verdad", featuring the compelling strains of the Kena on the song "Arare el Aire". Check Salvador's website for release information!  www.duoguardabarranco.com <The album will be released posthumously in October 2010 after Salvador's untimely death at 49 this past March. Your legacy of music, social justice, and love for our Earth will be with us always hermano, even as we miss your presence!>

Past News

Nayo appears on the latest CD by New Age artist Vicent Flores, "A blend of world music with current ambient, rock new age and jazz styles, while pushing forward with Latin, African and rock drumming and native background vocals." www.cdbaby.com/cd/vincentflores

Nayo and his family are thrilled to announce the inauguration of the Margarita Medina Sevillano Foundation , dedicated to providing scholarships for economically struggling students in Nayo's old neighborhood of Comas, Lima. We hope you'll help us support education in Peru!

Nayo was honored to perform as the invited soloist for the World Premiere of the first ever classical concerto for Kena, which took place in Arequipa, Peru on August 9, 2006. Composer Jaime Diaz Orihuela selected his native Arequipa for the premiere and picked Nayo as soloist after an extensive worldwide search. The Machu Picchu Concerto for Kena and Orchestra was received with great enthusiasm, representing a historic musical event. Local press, television, politicians and other dignitaries attended the premiere and welcomed Nayo with great warmth.

The Mayor of Arequipa, Daniel Vera, presented Nayo with the Medalla de la Cultura of the City of Arequipa for his unique cultural contribution.

The Arequipa Symphony Orchestra performed the Concerto at the city's main theater under the direction of well respected Peruvian musicologist and conductor, Zoila Vega Salvatierra. Peru's National Institute of Culture, the Municipality of Arequipa, Universidad Catolica Santa Maria, Universidad Nacional San Agustin, and the Peruvian-North Ameircan Cultural Center all sponsored the event. Event Photos

Nayo is currently working with Prince/SF Productions (PrinceSF.com) to bring this unique musical synthesis of classical and indigenous traditions to symphonies in the United States.

Nayo's song, “Sed de Peregrino” (co-composition with his good friend Homero Oyarce), won 4th place (South and Central America category) at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards in Los Angeles in November of 2006. Congratulations to Nayo and Homero!

Madrid-based non-profit Solidaridad con el Tercer Mundo has just released its new fund-raising CD to support economic development projects in Peru! The new CD features Nayo Ulloa, Homero Oyarce and many other Peruvian artists. ALL proceeds from CD sales go directly to the organization's programs in Peru. Check out http://www.sotermun.org for more details! The CD is available in the United States directly from Nayo. Send your check for $10.00, made out to Nayo Ulloa, to: P.O. Box 18092, San Jose CA 95158.

Last summer Nayo's original songs, “Toro Uko” and “Milongueando,” both won honorable mentions in the Song of the Year award, sponsored by VH1. “Milongueando” was also featured on National Public Radio's All Songs Considered/Open Mic program nationwide!

We are very proud to announce that Nayo has served as a cultural ambassador for the music of Peru, when he played the Kena at the White House, Congress and Senate on July 24, 2007. This was an historic event, the first time ever that Peruvian Independence had been celebrated in the United States capital. Nayo was honored to take the indigenous Peruvian music of the Kena to this unique celebration.